And when we date a man who treats us like crap, who plays that sexy emotional evasion game, that doesn’t respect our feelings or treat us like we’re special, we’re telling him that it’s all we deserve. We’re telling ourselves that’s all we deserve. And, perhaps most dangerously of all, we’re telling men in general that that is what we want– that it is what we find attractive. Perhaps in a childish, roller-coaster-thrill kind of way we like people who don’t treat us very well, but when we think about who is really worth our time and our love, it is not that kind of person. At least, it shouldn’t be. So dating anyone but the Southern Gentleman — telling both him and the world at large that you are willing to settle for less than decency — is directly lowering the stock of the Good Guys.

Why I Only Date Southern Gentlemen-Chelsea Fagan