About Me


So it just occurred to me that I’ve had my blog for a whole year and never really shared much personal info. So here’s just a little bit about me:

I’m Kayla, live in Miami. I’m passionate about life. I’m a true Leo. When I love, I do so whole-heartedly, all-consumingly. I love nature and find the world to be a beautiful place despite all the negativity.  I think we need to focus more on the things that really matter like love, family, happiness, and traveling the world. 

I’ve been through a lot this past year but finally, things are making sense. Being 21 sucks. It’s confusing. My blog is my way of expressing all the things that I love. Things that captivate me. And I think I’ll keep writing my story here.  

I also write about being young in the workforce at www.lostgenygirl.com 

Check it out and I’ll love you forever!